Saturday, December 29, 2018

2 x Ayurvedic Recipes that are Cooling, Low Cal, High Protein, Pitta Balancing & Tasty

Hello everyone,

Happy Summer-time in the Southern Hemisphere. I happened to be at Bunnings the other day and the lady working in the fans department shared that we will be expecting 40 degree days most of summer. My Pitta heart sank hearing that but at the same time, I felt excited to get to eat all the summer foods, that are great for me. So I've listed below 2 of those recipes.

Sago / Tapioca is typically great for cooler weather, but because of its sweet post digestive effect it offers a satisfying effect for Pitta dosha and when made dry-style great for Kapha dosha too. This dish is possibly aggravating for Vata dosha as its quite dry and drying but in summer everyone can enjoy it if served with a side of spiced buttermilk drink, Takra (recipe below), which will help with best digestion.

Tapioca is astringent and starchy and will have a lightening and drying effect so make sure you stay hydrated.


1 cup of pre-soaked Sago pearls
2/3 cup of roasted peanuts, ground with black pepper and salt to taste (my teachers tip)
2 small boiled and cubed potatoes  (Note, in this picture I used bitter gourd)
1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger
8-10 curry leaves
1 green chilli chopped
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
2 tablespoons of grated fresh coconuts
1/2 to 1 teaspoon raw sugar
1/2 to 1 teaspoon lemon juice
3 tablespoon of ghee / vegetable oil
rock salt as required

1) Mix the coarsely ground roasted peanuts and black pepper with the pre-soaked Sago pearls
2) Heat the oil / ghee in a fry pan and fry the cumin first, till they crackle and brown. Add the cury leaves, chopped ginger and chilli until the raw ginger smell goes.
3)  Add the potato and saute
4) Add the Sago pearls and keep stirring, till they lose their opaqueness and become translucent which means they are cooked. Avoid overcooking because they will stick or become lumpy
5) Add the fresh grated coconut, lemon juice and mix all of it well

When serving, garnish with a slice of lemon and some chopped coriander leaves.

It's best served warm.

TAKRA - Ayurvedic Buttermilk drink


1/4 cup fresh cold yoghurt
3/4 cup purified cold water
1/4 teaspoon cumin powder
1/4 teaspoon chopped coriander leaves / cilantro
1 pinch rock salt

1) Blend the cold yoghurt for 2 minutes and add the cold water to blend again on low for 2 minutes more
2) Collect and discard the fatty froth from the top
3) Add the 3 spice and herbs and stir in just enough to mix them in evenly.

This drink will balance most doshas and is perfect to improve gut health. Only drink this in the day.

Its best served at room temperature.

Now I usually steer clear from sharing recipes because food is like medicine for some while poison for others. So please don't over do it with any of these dishes. And when you learn to eat Ayurvedically, your diet consists of a variety of foods to support your health and goals. So, just a warning that the sago khichri is not to be had daily.

On another note, let me know how you went making these dishes and if you enjoyed them.

By the way if you don't know what your dosha is, I will soon send through a quiz.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays and have your plans ready to make 2019 count!!

Supriya Roy (Ayurveda Practitioner, Founder of Seva Yoga)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Set Up For Success in 2019 - My 5 Step Health Goal Setting Process

I'm really sorry that I couldn't host this online as originally intended. But here is the DIY version of my very quick 5 steps to Health Goal Setting process.It should'nt even take more than 60 minutes if you really block the time out for it.

But first, let's connect. Are you one of them who ARE feeling the pressures to up your game in 2019? And feel like 2018 didn't even start the way you planned it back in December of 2017?!!

Or are you half knowingly putting a band aid over things by saying "I'm choosing not to stress. i.e. I'm just going to ignore my shortcomings in 2018 and give it my total best in 2019. It's my year, and I already have my action plan from 2018 ready to go".

Well, I wanted to share with you that neither versions are unnatural because end of a year is always a time for making sense of things to celebrate and draw inspirations from. But just the word GOALS can stir up turmoil in some... so I thank and honor you for reading this far on.

Looking back on my journey, I completely avoided setting goals. It wasn't till I turned 29 that I started to look back and reevaluate my time on this planet. Yes some call it Saturns Return and I had also lost my father. I started to ask for more from my life. Deep inside though I was actually really afraid of failing and feeling let down thinking I'll just give up anyway. Because that's how I knew myself when it came to my health.

Over the years I've been able to overcome my fear of failure by taking 1 step at a time. At 29 I realized that our time on earth is limited and that it was time to take meaningful action to make this life count. It's the value that drove me to learn setting goals in my life. But the goals had to feel right, exciting, inspiring, and that helped me learn and grow into a better version of myself. Learning to set goals also taught me the skill to turn my ideas and dreams into realities infused with my intentions. So I understand if the word goals triggers an emotional response from you, but my goal setting process is something I'd love you to try BEFORE you set your SMART or actual goals.

This 5 step process is a culmination of the common thread of teachings I have learned from my mentors in Yoga, Ayurveda and business development. And that is to start with identifying the Intrinsic values. So there's no 1 name to this process because they each have said it in their own way. And I have learned to create 1 quick process to use daily. It has worked for my clients, and myself and my day to day actions is governed by this process. So I hope it will help you too:


Think of the last 12 months and write down:

1) What were the top 5 improvements / achievements in your mental / physical health this year? Eg: You might write down a pose you achieved but also write down what was the shift / special energy you felt that marked it a highlight.

2) What did not work in maintaining or achieving your health and energy goal this year and Why?
1.What didn't work is getting up at 6am for consistent productive days at work, because I was going to sleep at 12am. Or
2. I caught the common flue 6 times this year and that affected my performance and experience everywhere.

3) From right now, Decide who will you no longer Be? Write down at least 1 for each lesson learned at point 2.

Eg: Lesson 1. What didn't work is getting up at 6am for consistent productive days at work, because I was going to sleep at 12am. = I just don't deprive myself of sleep.

Lesson 2. I caught the common flue 6 times this year and that affected my performance and experience everywhere. = I apply correct self-care to prevent getting the flu.

Not I'm no longer willing to stay up later than 12am or I just prefer not to stay up late. Make it as specific and powerful as
I'm just not _______. 
I don't do _________.
I am never ________.
I am not ________.

4) Who do I want to Be when I am in my truth? Select 3 to 5 words that resonate with, for who you want to BE in your day to day activities. Then in 2019 daily set a reminder in your phone or on a journal with messages like:

I am in my truth when I am being Loving, Kind, Generous. Or
I am in my truth when I am Connected, Joyful and Influential. Or
I am in my truth when I am Supportive, Generous, Self-caring.

Pick 5 of your personal values that will motivate you every single day.

Mine are Joyful, Grateful, Courageous, Self-Partnered. And I feel into it everyday when I do my journalling as part of my morning routine.

Now you have a reminder to help you show up as the person you want to BE.

5) Give your health and energy a rating from 1 to 10 with 1 being least satisfactory to 10 being amazing:

10 is for your health and energy supporting all your endeavors, goals and dreams in your life. You are emotionally balanced allowing yourself to feel whatever needs to come up, without stifling or being overwhelmed by it and can accept your emotions without judgement. You exercise 5 days a week, your diet and lifestyle are aligned to your body-mind-energy constitution for the season. And you feel confident, cared for and connected to your body, mind and spirit.

Then write down 1 inspired action you will take TODAY toward improving your health rating. And daily write down / acknowledge / celebrate that 1 thing you did that helped you align to your health goal. Lastly, set yourself another inspired action goal for the next day (you can repeat each one every day if it made sense).

Examples of inspired action could be:
-Take yourself for a 1 hour walk outdoors.
-Switch off all electronics 1 hour before bedtime.
-Do a shopping list of groceries to match your Dosha in this season, so you can start eating right, right now.
-Identify what do you need help with most? Remember you are not meant to do it alone.

Okay my friends, that is it!

Along my journey, I have found taking a values based approach to setting measurable goals have really helped me scale my health and achieve long term success. Once I decided on my values, my path got super clear and results came much faster. I have also found feeling confused is a sign of lacking this direction and so knowing what was truly important, and practicing to BE more of who I am in my truth is what has helped me most along my journey.

Of course if you didn't know I am running a Health and Practice Mentorship in 2019, which is going to be all about living a lifestyle based on values and setting real measurable goals following the Yoga and Ayurveda frameworks. For the handbook and more info send me an email HERE

While I've yet to write an article on Ayurveda, can you let me know one thing? If you could sit down 1 on 1 with me and ask me a question about your Health and Energy; What would you ask? What are you struggling with? What would you love help with?
Send me an email HERE

And if you have feedback on my 5 step goal setting process or wanted to share how you found this article. Please do, your feedback matters a lot. Of course hearing it in person rocks! But feel free to share it with others and leave a comment below as well.

All the best for the rest of 2018, if I don't see you.

Supriya Roy (Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Teacher Trainer & Founder of Seva Yoga)