Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5 Benefits of YOGA in the Morning


  • 1) IMPROVES DIGESTION - By the time you're up, your body has processed yesterday's consumption & is ready to start process of eliminating toxic waste. - Good way to know if what you're eating is actually serving your body. 

  • 2) BALANCED BIORHYTHM - Your sleep patterns will improve if you make it a habit to wake up regularly & get into a pattern of being active in the morning. Best to honour and align your body's biorhythm to natural times for being active (during day) & slowing down in the eve. This will improve and balance your overall emotional, physical and mental energy flow. 

  • 3) MENTAL CALM - Start your day in the best Mental tone for the day - Alpha & Theta states of mind are accessed from meditative practises & are best for connecting to your goals with clarity and calm that allows you to approach your day with a positive mindset and encourages you to be in your natural state - that is calm and steady.

  • 4) MINDFULNESS - Kick start the day with mindfulness and appreciation for the abundance inside and outside of you  - you will work better during your day & enjoy your time off when you have it. It will assist with improving your total experience of your life story. 

  • 5) IMPROVED VITALITY - When your breath is stable and deep, you enable best absorption of nutrients in your body through consumption of oxygen and setting off various chemical reactions in the body. Breath / Oxygen is the reason you are alive and are able to operate optimally daily. You will be better response-able to your life stories if you honour your body and its ability to breath efficiently. 

  •  At Seva yoga we offer dynamic & meditative yoga classes 7 mornings a week, for all levels of practitioners. Enquire with us if you are wondering when to start and which class is the best start for you. 


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yoga for Children

Hello everyone, 

Since opening the studio, we are able to offer a holistic Yoga program to children aged between 5 to 12 years. This is the one of two other programs we will offer for Teenagers and Tweens later this year. We are fortunate to have a fun loving, passionate, creative and super cool mother of 3 as our teacher to the Kids at Seva Yoga. She goes by the human name of Fotini. She has developed a 10 week Holistic Yoga Program for the Kids here starting on the 12th March. 

What can you expect your children to experience: Yoga talks on themes for the week, history of Yoga, Chanting, Breathing techniques, Sun salutes, Traditional yoga poses, How to Reflect/Journalling activity called "make a difference" and Conscious relaxation through Guided Meditations. Fotini will also use sound therapy with Tibetan/crystal bowls and bells. 


BENEFITS OF YOGA for Children:

> Increase in strength and stability
> Development of mindfulness
> Non-competitiveness
> Boosting self confidence
> Improvement of health & well being
> Tools for stress management
> Encourage restful sleep

Very excited for this program to start on the 12th March and we would love to extend the invitation to the entire Western Sydney Community.  

Please follow this link to receive a 5% discount on the 10 week program (expiring 5th March)