Friday, October 31, 2014

A caffeine free alternative to Chocolate??

Oh its over 30 degrees hot in the West of Sydney and I wanted a cold chocolate shake!! Got home from teaching my Saturday morning Seva Yogis in Ropes Crossing and was quite famished as well. I needed to fix up something quick! Et Voila! Here is what I whipped up!

Meet my Carob smoothie! It tastes amazing, its light in taste yet dense in body making it very much a light meal! Combination of all the ingredients make this smoothie rich in antioxidants, natural phyto-nutrients, gluten free, vegan, high fibre, anti-allergenics and simply tasting just like a chocolate thick shake that hit the spot for both my cravings.

Ingredients: 1 pear, 4 small pitted dates, 1 whole banana, half cup soy milk, quarter cup (left over) almond milk, a piece of raw turmeric (my daily dose), sprinkle in flax seeds, chia seeds and 3 small teaspoon scoops of Carob powder. Add some ice if you like and perhaps a little bit of dessicated coconut for garnish.

As I said the drink is a meal! Its quite filling and at the same time filled with proteins and minerals and natural glucose and fats. Once you have tried it - leave a comment. Let me know what you thought. :)


Friday, October 24, 2014

Guidance by the Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana

Yoga really does serve as a tool to engage the mind and body to help me get my answers. My true answers.

I still remember the first time a yoga teacher said for me to hold my foot, stretch my leg up, breathe and lift through my upper back.. whoah! I still remember the difficulty I had taking just the first two instructions and feeling struggle come on. I also remember another teacher teaching the same pose saying there is more than one way to achieve the same posture. Oh god! Through years of practice, whenever poses become overwhelming I just leave it, and come back to it when inspiration strikes.

Lately (the past month or so) life has thrown quite a few googlies my way. Increased work, 3 subjects to study, making time for social events and personal projects had really left me feeling quite scattered. I felt like my mind was developing a new habit. A habit of my mental energy scattering. While I love to flow, I knew there was a sense of loss. A loss of vital energy, focus and inner peace. There was a need for mental reprimand; a clearer, more refined pathway for it to follow. It was time to ask compassionately and tune into my inner compass for the way to go, to regain a sense of grounded-ness, stability and comfort.

Recently I noted a shift in my personal practice. I noted that there was more range to my movements than what I had before but it was just that I had no patience in my patience pool to explore outside of what I knew. The inner stillness was not there and it felt too much like a forceful thing to do, to just sit on it. This pose came to mind. I recalled my points of frustration from those initial days of approaching the movements. So I allowed myself to work on it. I kept working on hip openers, some deep twists and conscious breathing techniques without which I could not allow my body to guide me. It was then as I set the intention to find my inner compass that, thats when I bloomed into my expression of Parivrtta (twisting) Surya (sun) Yantrasana (dial  pose). Also known as the compass pose.

The feeling of this pose is that it invites you to connect to teh ground, the base (legs and feet), your spine, your shoulders, the direction your eyes are to look. And most importantly it asks you to pay close attention to the level of comfort felt with each breath and movement of the body. As I allowed this process of connection to take place, with the unknown, I was soon at the place where I felt myself surrender the need to need more, the need to move more, the need to seek more. It was a cool moment.

The present moment, which without I could not have experienced the comfort, the expansion (mental or physical) nor the pure and simple direction from a place as true as my own inner matrix. My Compass directed me to: BE HERE, BY MY SIDE, MOMENT TO MOMENT. ha ha!

Yoga really is enlightening. It is a journey. Moments like these help me bring myself purpose, joy and inner peace knowing that I can go to Me for the answers and direction I seek at any given point in my life.

I share a lot of my journey online, as I go because this is too much of an important and accessible tool for others not to use. I am inspired by my heart to inspire my community to get on their journey to natural pathways to healing the mind and body.

Come and find your inner compass! A new term starts next week - ENROL NOW! An exciting and illuminating 8 week term awaits.